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Don’t panic… I’m not about to get all Biblical on you, holy than thou style… trust me I’m no saint and would never dream of enforcing my faith upon others (in fact I bet many of you had no idea I was even the slightest bit religious). However I was raised a Christian and I’ve always enjoyed the Lenten period, as a time of community, sharing and reflection.

No matter where I’ve been in my adult life I’ve always continued to embrace lent, although over that time my outlook on Lent has somewhat changed. As a child it meant self-sacrifice only, giving up crisps or chocolate (only to gorge on egg after egg come Easter), and not truly appreciating why, following in the footsteps of my parents as many children do. Now as an Adult it means so much more, it’s a time to let go of any grudges I’m harbouring, any emotional barriers I’ve been fearful to break, a time to reflect and make peace. A time when I think about the lives of others in comparison to my own and how I can ease the suffering of those within my community. Giving something up is great, but taking action is even better.

So yes I will be giving something up this year – meat and coffee. Two things I enjoy and rely on too much. It’ll be a challenge for sure but one I’m sadly excited to get started on. But I’ll also be taking action by carrying out 40 Good Deeds… one a day for the traditional Lenten Period, they may not be overtly grand gestures but they will help to raise a smile for someone, somewhere.

I apologise this post is slightly different to my usual but I needed somewhere to gather my thoughts… on the plus side for you guys, I’m going to try as many recipes as possible during my time as a Veggie… so eyes peeled for some new ideas. I’m intrigued how the no coffee will affect my weight loss goals, hopefully no withdrawal headaches… eeep.

Until next time… Kerry xo

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