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The Scarf

So you know when you were younger, and you perhaps had some kind of comfort blanket or a soft toy of some kind that you carried around everywhere with you, and if it went missing even for the shortest period of time, it felt like the end of the world was near? Then you got older and you didn’t need your comforter anymore, you went to school without it, it probably fell down the side of your bed or got put in the attic only to be looked upon fondly when rediscovered in years to come…

Well let me tell you about the scarf. ‘The Scarf’ used to be my comfort blanket, however I was 25 not 2. I’d wear it with every outfit, it changed in colour and pattern but the idea was the same. I was embarrassed by my rolls (though not quite embarrassed enough to do something about it for a long while), I thought wearing the scarf would somehow hide my weight gain, I wore it in the winter, in the summer, I even wore it out to clubs and occasions (whilst looking pretty ridiculous). It became a staple part of my daily routine, teamed with baggy jumpers and stretchy leggings.

But recently something magical has happened, the scarf is no longer a necessary daily comforter, but instead an occasional accessory. For the last few weeks, I’ve perhaps worn it a handful of times only; a recent trip to Prague saw me… scarfless. Crazy. A turning point in my weight loss journey, I am no longer embarrassed (ok, ok there’s bad and good days but 90% of the time) to be seen without it. I walk out my bedroom door in the morning and leave it hanging on the side hooks, somedays when it does actually compliment my outfit, or the wind is a bit nippy I fondly slide it round my neck, but it’s no longer a necessity. Win.


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