Pesky Toxins – Clear Skin

As you know, this October I’ve been completely sober, yes even whilst belting out the classics on the podium in Snobs. It’s been… interesting (follow up post to come once 1st November hits). The thing that really struck me was just how bad my skin got once I gave up alcohol – perhaps not something you’d expect whilst teetotal. Was it the toxins leaving my body? Maybe. I’ve never had immaculate skin at all, but I could usually work a little make-up magic and cover any break-outs, but this time it was different, my skin was sore, angry red and hard?!

I’d heard that Aloe Vera Gelly can be great for soothing breakouts, and clearing up unwelcome spots. It has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring, it’s also a good moisturiser.

KL - Slim & Tonic - Aloe Gelly

So I put it to the test (excuse the lack of make up and PJs ha all pictures taken just before bed or just after waking up) …

Day 1 (Wednesday 21st October) – Spots and red patches. My lips even look a bit weird, they blend in.

KL Slim & Tonic - Day 1 - Skin Test

Day 5 (Sunday 25th October) Less sports for sure, still a little red tinge, particularly to cheeks area.

KL - Slim & Tonic - Day 5 - Skin Test

Day 8 (Wednesday 28th October) Spots have pretty much gone, still slightly red around nose and cheeks. My face actually matches my neck more or less in terms of complexion. Bonus.

KL Slim & Tonic - Day 8 - Skin Test

Wish I’d took slightly better images (apologies). The results are fairly clear though I think? I’m pretty chuffed to be honest, feel much more confident – although a smidge worried about all the face paint I’ll be applying for Halloween this weekend. Fingers crossed my skin stays calm.

Kerry — x

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2 thoughts on “Pesky Toxins – Clear Skin

  1. rachelj89 says:

    Wow Kerry looks great! I tried this product recently as well and I’ve had really good results 🙂 my skin has totally cleared up. Keep blogging I want to see reviews of products I havent tried!!


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