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Slimming World Meals

I have fallen in love with the Slimming World Meals now available at Iceland.

They are so easy for busy people like me, they taste good, and there’s variety.

Here’s my top 3…

.3. Slimming World Sausages

An odd texture at first, but so tasty. Much yummier than I expected. Have them with eggs and beans, enjoy with mashed potatoe and a bit of onion gravy, or dice them up and pop them in pasta. They take around 18-20 minutes to bake.

.2. Slimming World Chicken Tikka

All the taste of curry, without all the calories. It’s not as creamy as one you might get from your local takeaway, but it’s just as tasty. Not overly spicey, but there’s definitely a kick.

.1. Meatball Pasta

Oh my gosh – the meatballs in this dish are so juicy, so meaty, so tasty. The sauce is not too spicey, but not bland at all. I will be stocking up.

What’s your favourite dish?

Kerry —x

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Joining A Gym

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks trying out various gyms, with different free passes – mostly found on the web. Here’s some of my favourites:

Nuffield Health – Free 1 Day Pass

Fitness First – Free 1 Day Pass 

LA Fitness – Free 1 Day Pass 

In the end however I opted for ‘The Gym’ – it’s on the high street in the City Centre, just opposite the big M&S. There was no joining fee and it costs just £12.99 a month, with no contract. The gym itself is huge, it has two floors, all the machines you need, and a huge studio. However it has no luxuries – no steam room, no pool, no sauna, just pure and simple gym equipment. I worked out even if I manage to go just once a week it will cost me around £3.25 – a bargain. If I go twice a week, it’s ridiculously cheap.

I know gyms can be daunting when you’re worried about your size, but everyone is there with similar goals. To maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, to lose weight or get stronger. Don’t be afraid to give it a go. If it’s not for you then you might be interested in this new initiative from Coca-Cola Life – Parklives – loads of free activities in parks around the area. Anything from Tai Chi to Buggy Bootcamp to 5k training. Take a look.

Kerry —x

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