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Ahh the S word. Adored by many, hated by few, pursued by me… I’ve never been big on sleep. I’m a night owl and an early bird at the same time. My friends think I’m insane, I’m the last to go to sleep and the first to wake up. The mystery of sleep has eluded me for many years. Whilst at Uni I’m pretty sure I was an insomniac, I often tried to sleep but my mind would wander, or I’ll get stuck into a book, or suddenly decide my wardrobe needed sorting at 3am… even after a heavy night out I just couldn’t switch off. When I moved to London, I was working long hours for weeks at a time, and yet still sleep failed to come easily. I’m hoping that a healthier lifestyle may help me to wind down and relax a little easier. I guess we’ll see…

Kerry — x

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Slimming World: Round 3

So I have a slight confession. I’m not new to the whole weight loss thing. I’ve battled with my weight on and off for years, since I was a young child. Throughout my school years despite being extremely active (I played netball, hockey, rounders, I was a member of the swim team, the athletics team and I loved ice skating) I was always bigger than other girls my age, by quite some way.

When I was 16 my Mom suggested Slimming World as I was at a real low point, and dreading going to 6th Form and meeting new people. I joined it and really got stuck in, I loved it, I lost lb after lb, I collected certificates every few weeks, half a stone, 1 stone, 2 stone and so on. I was voted ‘Slimmer of The Year’ at my club and ‘Most Inspirational’. I looked good and felt amazing. I thought that I was set for life. However I then went to University, and the weight slowly crept back on. I ate takeaways, and poorly constructed meals consisting of 50% pasta/50% cheese. I circled back to where I’d began, I was disappointed but too busy loving life to care. I was elected Vice President of the Law Society, I had loads of friends, I worked for a promotions company and spent my nights enjoying free bar tabs and VIP treatment. I still went to the gym regularly and played netball twice weekly, but the exercise just couldn’t keep up with the free ‘champagne’, £1 Doubles and the XL pizza binges.

I moved back to Birmingham briefly after Uni – I was in a place many find themselves in after their degree finishes – I had a solid Law Degree from an exceptional University but no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go next. My support network had dispersed all over the country, well actually all over the world. I went back to working every shift I could at my seasonal job, even some nights, and it was then it struck me I wasn’t happy with my weight. I joined Slimming World again… it was going fairly well, until I got a place on a Digital Marketing Bootcamp in London. It was everything I’d been missing, sights, scenes and shots… I decided to pack up and move to London. I lived in student halls for a couple of weeks and ate crunchy nut out of plastic pint glasses (I didn’t realise you had to bring your own cutlery etc), eventually I found a beautiful flat and moved in with a good friend. I was working but for free… an unpaid internship – trying to scope out a career for myself. Things went well career wise I quickly moved from Intern to Manager in 2 years, but I’d fallen back into the trap of eating, drinking and not sleeping. Then… well you already know what happened then.

Back to today. I’m rejoining Slimming World for the third time. The plan is more of a lifestyle than a diet and with the support of my Bride-To-Be best friend, I’m determined this time I’m getting healthy for life.

Kerry — x

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The Time Has Come…


Let me introduce myself. I’m Kerry, 25 years young, I live in Birmingham, for the time being, I’m not very good at staying in one place for too long. I never sit still for too long either, I guess I’m a member of the ‘forever busy society’, I much prefer to have a diary packed with appointments and outings than a blank one. I don’t even have a TV in my bedroom at the moment, nor have I for years now, there’s just so many other things I’d rather do. My friends would describe me as a social butterfly, whereas my Dad would say I’m continually running myself into the ground, I much prefer the former… Time has a way of escaping around me.

So it was only when I moved back to Birmingham this February in an attempt to find a better life balance, that it struck me just how crazy my weight gain had become.  I mean sure I had sort of noticed, my clothes I’d packed up when I first moved to London didn’t fit anymore, I’d developed an irrational fear of sitting down at bars/restaurants/on the tube for fear of breaking the chair or getting stuck (this was perhaps an extreme phobia – I admit), I avoided having my picture taken in social situations, and began to dread meeting clients/new people as I believed they’d judge me on my ballooning figure, I even turned down a nights out as I was ‘working late’ so I didn’t have to find something to cover my lumps and bumps, I hated the way I looked and often found myself getting upset over it. However I’m pretty sure no-one really knows any of the above to be true. I’ve always been very confident, the life and soul of the party, I’ve never had trouble starting conversations up with people or making friends, in fact I’ve always been fairly popular. But deep down beneath my bubbly exterior I knew it was time for a change. The final decider came when my Best Friend asked me to be her Chief Bridesmaid – we went to try on some dresses one day, I felt and looked awful. I didn’t want to be the ‘fat bridesmaid’ so I made some changes, and this blog is going to act as a diary of those changes and my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

I hope you find it interesting to read, and hopefully helpful.

Kerry — x

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